Countryhumans oc bio

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Countryhumans oc bio

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Threads Messages Blitzwing calls Hornet Hornisse and is a terrible influence on her as he finds her antics endearing, and his random personality encourages her to do it more, much to the chagrin of her poor scare victims. Whether or not she naturally picked it up or purposely does it to imitate her colossal sire is undetermined. Blitzwing loves his tiny terror lots and lots, and while she may fit in one hand now, one day she will be nearly as big as him.

Breagha bree-ah is a sorceress who went through big changes and asked to keep her sharp-enough-to-kill-men jawline. Hornet is very perceptive of the hostility from the Autobots towards her sire. Strong, merciless, their very name strikes terror in those who hear it. And when they see him…. So my Transformers love has come back with a bit of a vengeance! So I made a sparkling of the pairing because they are soft jelly beans. So meet Horneta teeny sparkling who will eventually grow into a colossal bot.

Normally sparklings beep or peep, but not Hornet. Hornet even as a tiny new spark she had a loud honk that only grew louder as she got older.

She could out honk a semi-truck by the time her alt mode came in. Because of her loud output capacity mixed with her tiny size, she was a terror. Her favorite game being sneaking up on others and letting off the loudest boom she could muster.

But despite being such a tiny terror she has a very big spark. Despite her love of loud pranks, she has a lot of empathy towards the suffering of others. Her desire to help them follows her into adulthood as she pesters old man ratchet to take her under his wing as a medic.

But her big clumsy claws might make being a medic difficult for her. I finally got around to drawing my medic in the style of the continuity he exists in, the IDW universe.

This is Rivet, He loves to ignore his problems and push people away. This will be a multi page comic. Keep reading.Her brother, Alex, was born three years later.

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Her parents divorced when Watson was 5, and she moved back to Oxfordshire in England with her mother and brother. Watson attended the Stagecoach Theatre Arts school at Oxford. She studied singing, acting and dancing, and performed in school plays. Her natural instinct for acting first came out when she won a poetry competition for reciting James Reeves' "The Sea" at age 7.

Watson had never acted professionally when her theater teachers suggested her to agents looking to cast an upcoming movie based on the first novel of the best-selling Harry Potter series. A 9-year-old Watson auditioned eight times for the role that would make her an international star. Harry Potter author J. Rowlingwho was deeply involved in the film process to make sure it stayed true to the book, wanted Watson involved in the project.

Watson sufficiently impressed casting agents and the film's producers, and won the role of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter's smart, bossy best friend and voice of reason.

For the next decade Watson stayed busy filming the Potter series. Although they spent their adolescence on film sets, Watson and costars Radcliffe and Grint kept up with their lessons, with five hours of tutoring each day.

countryhumans oc bio

Watson took high school equivalency exams, and made high scores in every subject. She took a year off from school to film the final two Harry Potter movies, but maintained that she was committed to furthering her education. They found me and picked me for the part. As a teenager coming of age as an established movie star, Watson also emerged as a fashionista, her style catching the eye of many major figures in the fashion industry.


I think it's so important, because it's how you show yourself to the world," she once told Teen Vogue. In September Watson announced that she was working with People Tree, a fashion label that promotes fair trade. Watson took fans by surprise when she chopped off her long locks, and debuted a pixie haircut in August The new 'do helped her shed the child star image of her Potter days, and in JulyWatson graced the cover of Vogue.

Maintaining her commitment to her education, Watson enrolled as a freshman at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, in the fall of Watson claimed she chose an American university over a British education because the American system allows students to study many subjects at once.

Brown was also a place, Watson said, where she could more easily blend in. In March Watson revealed that she was deferring her schooling to work on the Potter finale. In July she announced plans to return to Brown for a year to complete her degree after studying at Oxford University in the fall. She graduated from Brown in with an English degree. Photo: David M. Although Watson became closely identified with the character of Hermione Granger, as an adolescent the young actress wanted to be seen as more.Please take this short survey on how you use the SCP wiki.

Sharing your opinion helps improve the site! SCP is a desiccated humanoid entity cm tall, weighing It is seated in a cross-legged position, and clothed in an orange robe. Look, you have a show coming up, right? Let me loan you my private collection for one, and for two, U of SoHo loves the place.

countryhumans oc bio

SCP refers to a number of frozen corpses scattered across Mt. Everest, located in the Himalayas of Tibet. Nearly two hundred contest entries were submitted over the course of six days. The Community Survey is live! Please take a few moments to fill it out! The SCP Contest is over! Congratulations to Tanhony for winning the SCP slot!

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Congratulations to all who entered! Please see the following announcement regarding an ongoing license violation in Russia: Announcement Thread Here.

The Wanderers Library is the Foundation's sister site and features the endless stories contained within the Library, home to the Serpents Hand and readers of all shapes and sizes.

Admins: — Roget — Rounderhouse — rumetzen. Russian Counterpart! Translation available here. The Russian site is the oldest of the translation sites active on the web. Admins: Gene R — Osobist — Resure. Our Korean Colleagues! Admins: Salamander — QAZ — shfoakdls. Our Chinese Branch! Admins: Areyoucrazytom — SunnyClockwork. The French have joined!Germany is a country in the East side of Europe and a member of the European Union.

Germany is one of the popular Countryhumans characters, but not as PolandRussia or the United Stateshowever, he still has a high rank in the fans' hearts. He's usually depicted as wearing professional clothes like a white shirt with a red tie, black straight pants, and glasses. He's also represented with a military suit of commanders of Prussia. Note: this is a little-known version due to the fact that this country is mainly described as male. Almost like her male counterpart, Fem! Germany usually wears a formal white shirt with a collar and red tie black as well as straps tied to her black skirt, the sleeves are usually long but she flexes them to be at her elbows, she can also be seen wearing a military suit of commanders of Prussiajust like the male version.

He's seen as a workaholic and it's hard to make him laugh. He hates to break the law and fight people. He's not always boring because he loves to party. He has heavy mood swings from sad to happy because he has bipolar disorder. He is in general very calm when he is not partying. He's really into fighting climate change, he wants to protect the planet with the power of the bikes and recycling.

He also started to close his nuclear power station but still buying electricity to his neighbors. The colors of the flag of Germany somewhat resemble the colors used in the Roman Empire, which were just black and gold. Germans associate the colors of the modern flag with freedom and unity since they were adopted by the first attempt in the united German republic.

In the Weimar Republic, following the First World War, the colors black, red, and gold represented the colors of the centrist, republican and democratic political parties. Sign In Don't have an account?

•Countryhumans Amino• [ENG]

Start a Wiki. Welcome to CountryHumans Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to CountryHumans fandom. At this moment there are articles1, images and 30, edits on this wiki. It is an unbiased source, ships are not the center of this wiki; as much depict in this fandom. It is heavily based on Polandball. It will focus more on history, personalities and overall backgrounds of some of the characters, making it a neat, easy and accessible place to find out more about this fandom.

countryhumans oc bio

Please note that no ONE is forcing you to use the information from this wiki. Even with enough information we shall delete them. We will bring page back once the month ends Remain civil, at the end of the day, you can learn something new! Country Personification Wikis. Categories :. United States. United Kingdom. Congratulations for the contributors who worked hard on this article! Germany is one of the popular Countryhumans characters, but not as PolandRussia or the United Stateshowever, he still has a high rank in the fans' hearts Description Appearance Male version : He's usually depicted as wearing professional clothes like a white shirt with a red tie, black straight pants, and glasses.

Female version : Note: this is a little-known version due to the fact that this country is mainly described as male. Personality He's seen as a workaholic and it's hard to make him laugh. Interests He loves work but he also loves drinking beer, eats sausages he has several sorts of differents sausages and pretzels in general. He also loves ice hockey, football, basketball, and handball. He is really proud of his zeppelins.

Flag meaning The colors of the flag of Germany somewhat resemble the colors used in the Roman Empire, which were just black and gold.Top definition. Countryhumans unknown. Britain wears a monocle and a suit with a top hat and drinks unhealthy amounts of tea. The fandom has received backlash because they have been accused of romanticizing certain countries and events, like Nazi Germany, and WW2.

The fandom has grown exponentially and has a large fan base of RussianEnglish, and Spanish speaking people, with other nationalities as well. They were first invented by Russian artists. It has no relation to Hetalia.

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A fandom for the personification of Countries, much different than Polandball Countryballs. Countryhumans and the Polandball fandom don't get along very well. CountryHumans unknown.

[Countryhumans OC] DESSERT - MEME (Collab with Kitty_AU CH)

A fandom that encompasses countries, states, cities and general country subdivisions and personifies them as humanoid characters with their heads decorated with the entity's flag. While countries are the most commonly drawn, the fandom's subcategories cities etc.

For example, Russia's obsession for vodka and Belarus's love for potatoes. The relations of the CountryHuman characters depend, in most cases, mainly on their real-world relations and on historical events. But this is not always the case, as Russia and America's ship RusAme takes up a huge portion of this fandom even though it really makes no sense in the real world.

Person 1: Do you know what CountryHumans is? Person 2: No? Person 1: ORLY? It's all over the internet these days. A fandom which is personifying countries and creating various ships some fairly offensive, such as USSR x Nazi Germany and can give fellow fandom viewers drawing and story ideas.

Its really offensive. Countryhumans are practically the different countries of this world. They mostly get used in animation memes or animations. They have a large fandom they get draw a lot. There is an amino to it so you can join! They are also known as countryballs that is the same but just as balls. Gay bitch 1: are you in the countryhumans amino??????

Gay bitch 2: why th o Gay bitch 1: theres an nsfw public c h a t Gay bitch 2: uwu? CountryHumans is a fandom that is all about History,Stereotypes, News about different countries,CountryHumans are countries portrayed as humans but with sphere heads,their personalities and attitudes comes from the situation of the country,the fandom has been reported for fetish content like nsfw ,not so good ships,and discussing WW2,the CountryHumans fandom like doing animation memes about history,ship, or other things that describes countries,others in the fandom are trying to adjust some bugs that have been reported to them,the fandom is really friendly and really sarcastic at the same time,in short the CountryHumans fandom likes History.

Person1:Is it all about History and Countries? It is! Person1:Sure I'll join then!This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Hello everyone! I want to say that this is China The story came in handy for me, so I drew it. Listen, as they say. Art: Vsem udachi i vsem poka! Sorry for the quality Proofs in hp.

Good luck to everyone and bye! Yes, this is the most detailed and difficult artwork I have ever done for ch fandom I know that some people can get hung up about the armor or other small details, and so I say that I tried to look at the references, but I don't know how correct they were. In addition, soon after I started working Ravenka 2 days ago. After some delay, the results to the 60k Members - Special Contest are finally here.

We received over 71 entries and we will now announce the 3 winners, along with 7 honorable mentions! As well, we would like to thank all the So I paired up France with Napoleon Cake. Napoleon Cake originated in Fra Edit: Woah. I wasn't expecting to get featured- AHHH thanks so much!!!!! This is something completely out of my comfort zone.


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